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The School was founded in 1966 and, since 1980 it has had the status of a school with the extensive course of English. The first Headmaster was M. S. Olshansky. K. P. Mavrinskaya held the position of Assistant Headmaster from 1966 to 2006. She was the main inspiration force in developing traditions of the School.
One of them is The Self- Management Day which is held annually just before March 8. On this day the students supervise everything: they give lessons, act as the Headmaster and her Assistants.

In 2011/12 we have 16 classes in the Primary School and 24 in the Secondary School. Each class is a unique world which lives according to the School's laws and takes an active part in all school activities. But it is a separate community which has their own after school activities like competitions, festivals and trips.

Younger children can stay after lessons in special groups where teachers help them with homework. Here they can attend hobby clubs to their taste and take part in various activities.

On this page you can read about some of the school events.

There is also information without which school life would be impossible.

tel./ fax.: (+7 812) 222-56-46


The teachers working in our school are a stable and creative team who are always open to experiment with new methodology and search in the field of education.

93% of the teachers have the 1 st and the highest categories, 20 teachers have various awards. Most members of the staff continue education attending professional courses in the District Scientific-Methodological N entre, Academy of Postgraduate Teacher Education and other post-graduate institutions. Together with the more experienced colleagues young teachers are making their first steps. For two successive years we have been organizing a special competition for young teachers “The teacher of the year. Our hopes”. Our young colleagues have an opportunity to show their potential. The teachers take an active part in district and city seminars.


In the year 2011/12 we have had 960 students in 16 classes in the primary school and 24 classes in the secondary school.

It is natural that our students have a heavier load due to the extensive course of the English Language Studies being a part of the curriculum. Despite this they take every opportunity to participate in extra school activities: sports competitions, acting, dancing, singing.

A good example is that by the 300 th anniversary since the foundation of saint-Petersburg in 2003 Olga Shoumeyko had issued her own book under the title “ The Street where I Live”. Denis Protasov was one of the actors in the serial “OBG” (an abbreviation in Russian for the subject Survival Techniques). Essays and projects by our students came out in special editions “Okhta annals”, “The Second City Competition devoted to the role of the Russian language in the present world, life and human history”. In 2003 a book of poems by Oleg Semiletnikov was published under the title “The Book of the Same Name”. The author also presented his own wonderful illustrations in the edition.

Our students actively participate in different competitions and contests, many of them become winners. Very popular is the international competition FLEX (Future Leaders Exchange Program) which has been organized annually for 15 years by the American Councils. Since 2000 a few students have won this competition and spent a school year in the USA : Maria Lebedinskaya, Olga Larionova, Aleksey Maksimov, Ekaterina Titkova, Maria Vinogradova, Vasilissa Kameneva. In 2008/09 8 students took the first prizes in the Regional Stage of the 3d English Language Contest: Daria Smirnova 11a, Yulia Zvereva 10b, Anastasia Louzanova 10b, Nikita Makarov 7a, Ivan Klyuchankin 7a, Natalia Anoufrieva 6a, Vlad Volegov 5b, Daria Kichigina 5a. 261 students participated in the international competition British Bulldog. The winners in the North-West Region are Ivan Klyuchankin 7a, Nikita Makarov 7a, Maria Vinogradova 11a.

There were some volunteers to pass international testing in English.

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